My Journey

I am a searcher, dreamer and creator; someone who loves to learn and see beyond what is visible. My love of music came from my wonderful father and a host of teachers who nurtured my talentĀ over the years. I have gone on to build a busy and successful career as a freelance classical singer. I still love to make music and sing but equally enjoy my passion for connecting with people through coaching. The desire to bring out the best in both myself and others is where my journey began.

I have always been interested in exploring the connection between psychology and creativity. I have explored a number of approaches and undergone training in counselling, NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. All of these really helped my clients and myself with certain issues, but when I started to learn about the principles behind how we create our experience from the inside out, my life really began to change in a profound way.

Despite difficult personal circumstances in recent times I have found myself living in a more peaceful feeling. I sense I am present to the moment or in a state of ‘flow’ more of the time. I find that I am increasingly excited by life and by possibilities that have become so much more visible to me. The underlying feeling of unease which used to nag away at me despite outer successes has faded away.

It feels so much easier to follow my heart’s desires from this place where I am connected back to my natural state of creativity. One of those desires is working with people to share this understanding so that they too can experience a new perspective no matter what their past or present circumstances.