Working with me

Are you ready to join me on a journey of creative exploration? Are you open to discovering a new perspective on life and seeking help to overcome what currently feel like obstacles or limitations? I am here to provide a confidential, supportive environment in which to nurture and encourage you to uncover your true potential…….

I work as a facilitator for you to gain new perspectives on your situation and create your own outcomes. It is a journey in which we explore the principles behind how our thinking works and how this understanding helps our minds to quieten down.

Our natural state is one of innate wellbeing, clarity and creativity. From this position new possibilities open up as we are able to see something beyond our current habitual ways of thinking.

I work with clients on a wide range of issues. Examples include:



Confidence Issues




Creative Blocks

As a musician I love working with artistic people. However, we are all creators of our lives no matter what our circumstances or our profession. Transformative coaching can help anyone no matter what their background or the problem.

If you would like to reawaken your creative potential, rediscover your innate wellbeing and are ready for change, then I would love to work with you.

Please contact me to arrange a conversation to explore the possibility of working together.

I look forward to helping you on your own journey of creative exploration…..